This bike has been designed by BMW. The stylish and design of this bike makes this bike different from the rest of the bike. This bike has a 750 cc engine, due to which it starts talking to the air in a moment.

We rarely find informal concept design a reality. The BMW K75 Alpha motorcycle is a great bike. Originally conceived by designer Mehmat Doruk Erdem as a Salt Flats racer, it became a reality when Erdem teamed up with builder Mark "Makar" Atkinson.

Talking about the weight of the bike, it is 229 kg. Carbon fiber and aluminum have been used to make this bike, which gives it a great look. This bike is really amazing. This type of bike you have never seen or ever thought would be Really amazing it is the new technology of the future to come.

By which we can move from here to there in a moment, it is very brilliant, it is an example of our future, which tells us what our future will be like because the coming technology will be very much developed and wonderful.

If we talk about its design, only one person can sit in it, then if you are thinking that you would like to make a friend, then it cannot be because only such a person can ride such a great bike.We love motorcycles. But some of them sometimes see the light of day outside of some choice rendering. And it makes sense that most concept bikes are more insane than their design and will require some eccentric ambition, focus and technical knowledge to make them. Well, apparently, Mark Atkinson - the man who custom-builds a racing engine every winter from scratch - is all that in spades. We say that because he brought one of those concepts to life in his custom-built land alpha 'Land Speed ​​Racer.


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