Technical AK: Real-Life NeuTron Bike Hits the Streets

 Neutron bike  

Real-Life NeuTron Bike Hits the Streets

Neutron bike is one of the most unique bikes in the world, it has been designed by Parker Brothers,The Neutron is an electric-powered motorcycle from the creative think tank known as PBC or Parker Brothers Concepts you will know that Both these brothers are famous in the world for making weird cars and bikes. The idea of ​​making this bike came from tron moves. The bike shown in the movie looks something similar

You must have seen this bike in tron Movie, the tires of this bike are equipped with LED light which looks very attractive as well as looks very spectacular, you will be crazy about it because it is very amazing and Great bike This bike will make you crazy This bike can be the new bike of the coming future, the experience of running it will be very great because this kind of bike has not yet come in the market, it is very unique,This bike can run up to 160 km speed in a few seconds And let us tell you that neither petrol engine has been used in this bike nor diesel engine has been used, instead electric engine has been used in this bike, this bike can also be seen as a future.

Further, it uses no gas or combustion engine power. The NeuTron Bike runs entirely on an electric motor system. With a fully charged system running on a lithium ion battery pack, the Bike can travel up to 80 miles currently. and there’s no room for a passenger, the NeuTron Bike is a one-person vehicle only.

If we talk about its price, it is  $55,000  i.e. 37 lakh rupees, you will be crazy about it because it is a very luxurious and very excellent bike, Suppose it is removed from a film world and placed in the real world The Neu Tron Bike is the next stage in Parker Brothers’ development of a futuristic motorcycle. The Light cycle represented the company’s earlier foray with a combustion engine, specifically a Suzuki twin-V engine to be exact. The gas version is already pegging a price tag of at least $55,000 at retail, so market watchers expect the electric bike to hit the range a slight bit higher.

Talking about its speed, it gives excellent speed.On watching first time, you feel as if you have seen it before your eyes after leaving a movie.Its stylish design is very impressive, you must have never seen such a stylish design, as if you have taken it out of a 3D movie and put it on the road.

Granted, both the bikes have initial entries that will compete for future motorcycles in the next 10 to 15 years but the look of these bikes surprises everyone. And we are always surprised what new idea Parker Brothers and other inventors will come up with. Now if we can find out how the electric spark plug works. With our patented Diamond Fire Tip, bet we can make it all the way to Reno.

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