Technical AK: YAMAHA MOTOROID Artificial Intelligence bike

The new generation of motorcycles will not only be comfortable, but will interact with their riders for the integration of artificial intelligence. Which will change the future, so Yamaha feels that its motoROID has overtaken the all-electric concept motorcycle at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

With artificial intelligence, this bike is one of the most unique bikes in the world. The special thing about this bike is that this bike recognizes its owner i.e. that no one other than the owner of this bike can start it or you understand that this bike belongs to you. It is also a selfie balance bike that moves on its own, and starts following you at your behest. Another feature of this bike is that the two rear panels of the bike hold the person sitting on the bike like a seat belt.

It has self-balance technology, it can recognize the gesture, if a person moves his hand here, it can recognize it, it runs completely by electricity, it looks very good to see, it has two cameras in front, which is It can identify its owner, it is two meters long and one meter above the ground, as well as its self-balancing technology is amazing, even if you push it, it automatically returns to its place. It is largely a future stylist who Represents the upcoming futuristic technology, it has cameras on every movement, which can recognize every movement of the rider, this feature makes it very different from other bikes, if you talk about fuel supply, then it will run with lithium ion battery Its style is very amazing.

Nevertheless, the MotoROID concept is certainly an interesting step forward in how people will interact with their motorcycles, considering their motorcycles as a personality or character in the future. Now it remains to be seen how this out-of-the-box thinking of Yamaha will elicit reactions from the audience at the Tokyo Motor Show and what other changes will be made in the upcoming Bale Future.


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