Technical AK: What is Artificial Intelligence? How Does AI Work?

 AI: What are its advantages and disadvantages

Ai or Say Artificial Intelligence, which we may sometimes call intelligence, is a display of intelligence that is contrary to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals as machines become increasingly efficient. They are put into the definition of intelligence Through AI, we can make machines so capable that they can use the AI ​​themselves

we are seeing the use of AI in Hollywood movies these days. siri, Alexa is also an example of this AI, most of us must have seen the use of AI in Hollywood movies because the use of AI in such science fiction movies is of course a matter of fact, but we are thousands of years behind this technology right now.

But right now we can only imagine such technology, but it will have to wait for thousands of years for it to come in full, but it is only imagination for us because the kind of technologies that we think in the mind, we can in real life Very rarely see So maybe we can see this kind of technology in the future, if seen in real life, it may be just a fantasy but in the future, it can be used in all types of technology, robots made with AI technology. Can also come into existence, which will be more advanced than today's robots, which will do everything well

Robots and mobiles made by Ai Technology can also come into existence. Such mobiles can be seen in an even more advanced way. It is going to be very advanced in the coming future because such mobiles will never be seen before. And neither will you think, you can also get advanced computer

Benefits from AI

AI is said to be the technology of the future because it is expected to revolutionize the world. Google has also started research on making cars based on Artificial Intelligence. No driver will be required to drive such cars. These cars will run with the help of sensors, which will prevent road accidents. However, it is still in the research process and may take some more time. Apart from this, the use of artificial intelligence in the industry like communication, defense, health, etc. can bring big changes.

AI threats

Regarding Artificial Intelligence, it is being said that this technique can be helpful or even harmful for humans in the future. In fact, after getting artificial intelligence, machines will be able to take decisions themselves, their dependence on humans will end. In such a situation, she can also be harmful to humans! With this, there can be competition between humans and machines. Let us know that recently the Facebook team was doing research on Artificial Intelligence, during this time, the two machines started communicating amazingly among themselves. During this time the machines developed a special coding language and started talking among themselves.

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