Technical AK: What is a web developer, how to become complete information

What is a web developer, how to become complete information

 What is a web developer

Friends, in this article today, we are going to tell you what a web developer is in English (How to become a web developer in English). Developer skill) and how much is the salary of a web developer (Web developer Salary), today I will tell you about it in full details, so you keep reading this article.

Friends, the Internet has spread very much today. Nearly half of the world's population has internet today. There are about 45 crore internet users in India alone. If we want to know about anything, we first search that thing on Google. All that information is made available to us. Internet is the field that is creating a lot of opportunities for the youth.

All information in the Internet is obtained through the website. We all must have once asked this question, who makes this website and how does this website work? Friends website is the address of the Internet where you get information related to something.

In the article, I will tell you about the creator of the website. In this article, we will learn about web developer today. In this article, you will give all the important information related to web developer, such as

How to become a web developer And what are web developers? Wanted to get information about all these, we will read this article carefully.

What is web developer

First of all, we will know what is a web developer? Web developers call him who builds a website, designs a database, makes web based software, does domain hosting management.

Friends website is also created by coding. For example, you are getting all the information in this blog that you are reading, but how this website works is all done by coding it. The coding part of the website is prepared by the web developer.

Whatever the process is, from showing search results in the website Google to sending information to you, they are done by coding. How a website works on a website is all decided by coding.

There are two types of website development
  • front end development
  • back end development

Front end development: - Front end development is also called client side development. In front end development, coding is done for things like website designing, website theme. The better the website looks, the more complex its coding is.

In front end development, data is converted into a graphical interface. Information made in the website is shown by front end development only. Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript are used for front end development.

Back end development: - In back end development, coding is done to make the website work. Back end development is not visible to the users and it contains all the coding of the website which helps in running the website. The back end develoment is called the backbone of the website. back end development The entire database of the website is managed. This is the most complex part of the website.

Two people work to create any website, web designer and web developer. The web developer performs the backend development work of the website.

Web developers work on the functionality coding of the website and make the website smooth run. Whatever pictures and whatever information you see inside the website. The management of all of them is also done by the web developer.

Web developer qualification

Friends, to become a web developer, you do not need any educational qualification without which you cannot do a web developer course.

But if you have studied 12th with computer science / computer programming language, then you will get a lot of help in doing web developer course.

Web coaching courses are offered in many coaching institutes. To enroll in coaching institutes and to get into college, you need to have studied at least 12th from a recognized board.

  • You can also do web developer course after tenth.
  • To become a web developer, you can also do graduation course like computer science or BCA.

Web developer skills

Web developer is a professional job. To become a web developer, you have to have web developer skill. Now I will give you the list of skills which are very important for a web developer.

  • To become a web developer, you need to have some programming language. CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Java, query.
  • To be a web developer, you need to be creative and logical.
  • To be a good web developer, it is very important to have communication skills in you so that you can tell your team well about your idea.
  • It is very important to have management skills in you and at the same time understanding of the new trend.
  • You should come to use website designing tools like photoshop, canvas, picsart.
  • You should have a good knowledge of software language.

How To Become a Web Developer

Friends, to become a web developer, there are many coaching institutes where web developer course is offered. There are also many colleges where web developer course is offered.

To become a web developer, we need to do the course of web developer. There are things you can do before doing a web developer course that will help you a lot in becoming a web developer. By doing these courses, you get a lot of knowledge of computer language.

  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Bachelor in computer application
  • B.Tech in computer science
In all these courses, you are given basic and advanced level of computer language, which is very important to become a good web developer. That is why if you want to become a good web developer. So first of all do these courses so that you have a good knowledge of computer language.

Web developer course

Web developer I have taught you some programming languages, now I am giving you the list of all these programming languages.


HTML is the programming language in which you are taught how to code the website structure. How the website will look like How the design of the website will be done by some html language. That is why to become a web developer you have to do html course first.


CSS is a client side scripting language. Whatever coding is done after the structure is done with css language. Most of the coding of any website is done with css language.

To learn this, it is very logical language, you have to practice regular css language. Therefore, you must take the course of css language only then you can become a good web developer.

3 Learn PHP to become a web developer

Web developers do most of their work with php language, this is one of the most difficult languages. Today most companies that hire web developers demand that you should have php language.

PHP full form is hypertext preprocessor. Through language, we provide security to our website. It is a powerful server side scripting language.

4 Learn Java Language

All the logical coding of friends website is done with java script language and Java is a logical language, you can do it from online course.

After learning all these languages, you practice for a few months and design your own website and develop the website.

Career Scope in Web Development

After doing the web developer course you will get the job easily. Today there are a lot of IT companies that give jobs to web developers because the way the internet is growing, its users are increasing, the demand for web developer is increasing very fast.

Freelancer: - After you do the web developer course you can do freelancing. That is, you can take a web development project from a client by going to many websites and work for them, for this you do not need to work in any company, just go to the freelancer website and apply.

In addition to private companies, web developers can also get jobs in government sector. Apart from this, you can also work in creating your own website, in today's time there are many young people who are earning millions of rupees per month by running a website.

Web developer salary

Friends, if you talk about web developer salary, then on average, the web developer gets salary ranging from ₹ 30000 to ₹ 50000 every month.

As you spend your time in this field and you become a professional in this field, you can get salary of lakhs of rupees a month.

This is an area that will grow very fast in the coming times and you will also get a very well-paid job in this field.

I have told you about these topics in very detail in this article. I hope that by reading this article you have got very important information related to web developer. How do you like our article, please tell us by commenting.

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